Our Full Value Contract

12 10 2015

In Year 2 we have been discussing what we feel makes a good learning environment. From this we have made our Full Value Contract. Here’s what we all agreed on:

1. Be a ‘Quality Audience’ because it is important to listen to other people’s ideas. This will help us to learn the most we can and ask useful questions.
2. Always be kind to each other – we don’t want anyone feeling upset or left out.
3. Challenge ourselves as much as we can with our learning – we come to school to learn new things and we need to get things wrong to help us improve. We can do anything if we try hard.
4. Walk carefully around our room and school so that no-one has an accident.
5. Use inside voices because it can be tricky to concentrate on your work if it’s too noisy.
6. Share everything nicely and take turns.
7. Put things away so that other people can find them when they need them. If the classroom is tidy we can work better.



3 responses to “Our Full Value Contract”

    6 11 2015
      10dominic (14:29:53) :     Reply

    I hope everyone sticks to it

    6 11 2015
      10alex (14:37:25) :     Reply

    A very good value full value contract and you will probably get through a lot of things.

    6 11 2015
      10maddie (14:43:56) :     Reply

    That full value contract is is really good.Hopefully the year fives was that good.

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