Y2 Visit to the Panto

17 12 2015

The children are having at great time at St George’s Hall watching Aladdin!




Christmas is coming!

16 12 2015

Christmas is coming!

16 12 2015

We’ve had a very exciting day today in Year 2!! This morning in Maths we have created our own Christmas bauble repeating patterns, and in English we have been writing Christmas poems.
At lunch time today we have enjoyed eating our yummy Christmas dinner. Then this afternoon…Father Christmas came to visit! He very kindly brought us all a present!
What an exciting day!!

English – exploring the work of an author

11 12 2015

In our English work we have been exploring the writing of the author Mick Inkpen. We have enjoyed reading and comparing his Kipper and Jasper stories, especially Kipper’s Christmas Eve!
Our final writing task was to write our own Christmas Kipper short story. Our challenges were to include a dilemma and to improve our use of punctuation – especially speech marks.

Our Tiger Dance

25 11 2015

Year 2 Tiger dance

25 11 2015

In PE we have been working with the Sports Development team to create a Tiger Dance. We have been dancing to the track ‘The eye of the Tiger’. We had to practice moving in time with the music and each other. Our faces played an important part in telling the story as well as our movements.

Exploring shapes

25 11 2015

Exploring shape

25 11 2015

In Maths we have enjoyed exploring shape. We have been exploring 2D shapes – learning their names and about their properties. We especially enjoyed looking for lines of symmetry in regular and irregular shapes, using the mirrors. We then used rulers to draw them on. We discovered that some shapes have more than 1 line of symmetry. As a challenge we then used the peg boards to create a symmetrical pattern which we then had to check with a mirror.
As part of our 3D shape work we were set the challenge to make the shapes out of modelling material. This was much harder than we thought it would be! After making each shape we had to explain to our partner the number of faces, vertices and edges our shape had. We also needed to explain any 2D shapes that we could see on the faces of the 3D shapes!

Our Full Value Contract

12 10 2015

In Year 2 we have been discussing what we feel makes a good learning environment. From this we have made our Full Value Contract. Here’s what we all agreed on:

1. Be a ‘Quality Audience’ because it is important to listen to other people’s ideas. This will help us to learn the most we can and ask useful questions.
2. Always be kind to each other – we don’t want anyone feeling upset or left out.
3. Challenge ourselves as much as we can with our learning – we come to school to learn new things and we need to get things wrong to help us improve. We can do anything if we try hard.
4. Walk carefully around our room and school so that no-one has an accident.
5. Use inside voices because it can be tricky to concentrate on your work if it’s too noisy.
6. Share everything nicely and take turns.
7. Put things away so that other people can find them when they need them. If the classroom is tidy we can work better.

Welcome to Year 2!

4 09 2015

Year 2 have had a busy first week back and we have all settled into our new classroom base really well.

We’ve started our first English theme using the book Whatever Next! by Jill Murphy and the children have also produced some lovely art work linked to this for our display.

Our topic this half term is ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ and as part of this we are going to explore the lives of some famous people including Christopher Columbus, Neil Armstrong and Lowry.

This term PE will usually be on a Monday and a Wednesday and the children will need their Forest School kits in school on a Friday.

Your child should of brought home a reading book this Friday and next Friday we will begin our Home Learning too.

If you’ve any questions feel free to pop in and see me!